It's FALL Y'ALL! The best time of the year!!!

Finally, cooler weather and (cross fingers) less humidity. We are ready to go to the many markets and festivals offered this fun holiday time of year. Dry skin and gifts are things in which we can definitely help. Our products are top of the line, purest ingredients and quality because WE HAND MAKE EVERYTHING and use ONLY THE BEST! 

We hope this season brings you joy, comfort and fun! 

All our best to you and yours,

~L'Amour Louisiane




We have been sooooo busy preparing for this time of year. Markets, festivals and mosquitoes. Yup mosquitoes. Our SKEETERS SUCK! SUPER EVERYTHING SPRAY is in high demand and NEED. So, WE NOW HAVE A BIGGER SIZE AVAILABLE!

ALSO, our seasonal scent BRIGHT & SPRINGY GARDEN ZINGY is ready and available. It is absolutely refreshing and beneficial to our hot, sticky spring/summer skin. Don't forget the aromatherapy aspects- it's a mood lifter and great for those lacking energy.

ALSO, check out our "ABOUT US" section to see all of the fabulous businesses now carrying our goods. We're especially excited...


Hi Friends!

We have so much up our sleeve for you!

In keeping with our strict, no chemicals ever! and all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, we are in our lab developing a new HOME SPRAY. (Our seasonal spray of WARM-N-SPICY CITRUS NICEY will be back next fall) We live, eat, raise our children, our pets and care for our families within the walls of our homes. It's important to keep that air clean! Chemicals are all around us, seeping from the most basic of object. Our room spray is a reprieve. We use products that are pure and as...

Ohhhhhhh the holi-DAZE....

We've been in our lab creating what we think is the PERFECT holiday scent. We've combined all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils in citrus, clove and cinnamon. It's peppy but also soothing and is great for fall and winter

New products being unveiled VERY soon! 

Stay in touch!

Ward off mosquitoes with all natural SKEETERS SUCK MOSQUITO SPRAY

Ward off mosquitoes with all natural SKEETERS SUCK MOSQUITO SPRAY

Summer's here and so are swarms of what some people jokingly call the "Louisiana's State Birds" - MOSQUITOES! L'Amour Louisiane has developed a natural, organically-made mosquito spray that REALLY WORKS! Ask anyone who has used it! Not only does it work, but it smells great and can be reapplied numerous times with no ill effects. In fact, it feels better each time. And that's not all! It is a refreshing sanitizer, overall body spray, and -- you're going to smile -- a great dog deodorizer!  We've tried it every which way there is and it's one of the most enjoyable all-purpose...



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